Wedding Lighting- The Best Decor!!

When you think of Wedding Decorations, you probably think of flowers, centerpieces, and chair covers. But did you ever consider lighting as decor? The right light can create the mood you’re hoping for. And with a modern twist can even brilliantly announce your new status! Most of us have heard of Up Lighting, the lighting that can wash the walls of your venue in beautiful color. However, there’s an even more exciting new option that will leave you and your guests absolutely breathless! In this blog, we’ll go over the latest and greatest light decoration option. Keep reading to find out more about Monogram Wedding Lighting.

Motion or Video Monogram Lighting

We’re thrilled to have premiered this exciting new design option recently! A Motion Monogram is a short video design that is projected onto a wall or curtain backdrop in your reception hall. It is typically 10-25 seconds long and runs on a loop throughout the evening for all your guests to enjoy. Our Wedding Coordinator will gather information from you about your wedding colors and theme. She’ll pass that on to our In-House Graphic Artist who will custom create a design that will reflect your style. We can incorporate the elements you’ve used in your other wedding decorations so that everything comes together in brilliant light! You’ll be given a sneak peek into what your unique motion monogram will look like before it’s approved and set up at your reception venue.

Anything You Can Dream…We Can Do….

The sky literally is the limit when designing a Projection Monogram Lighting Effect. The most stunning option is the Motion or Video Monogram mentioned above. However, the Static Projection Monogram can be just as amazing. Choosing a Projection Monogram allows you more design options as well as the ability to add color and imagery into your custom design. You can see examples of Monogram Wedding Lighting Options here: Wedding Monograms

How About Making a Simple Statement?

What’s in a name? Well, that’s up to you. The most popular option for this wedding lighting effect is our Static Initial Monogram. We keep on hand all 26 letters of the alphabet. We include a Static Initial Light in our Premium Disc Jockey Package along with our Wireless Uplighting to create a brilliant lighting design for your wedding. Your new last initial makes an elegant and simple statement of your new adventure together as husband and wife!!! This light is available in 6 different colors to further enhance your experience.

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