You might be surprised to find out that the average cost of a traditional 3 tiered wedding cake is about $545 according to the Bridal Association of America. That’s a big chunk of your budget for a little slice of dessert. But, a traditional wedding cake is not your only option, and it may be the most expensive route to go. So, what other options do you have? Let’s discuss:


Wedding Cake

Your traditional Tiered Wedding Cake is more costly because of the amount of work that goes into the layers and intricate detail of decorating. It is usually priced out ‘per serving’ at $3.50-$6.00 per serving. That can become a pricey option. However, many couples feel that the cost is worth the beauty and elegance a tiered wedding cake brings to their reception. The other aspect of a tiered cake to consider is the amount of time it takes to cut and plate. A reception hall may have to spend as much as 30-60 minutes carefully cutting and plating the cake before service can begin. I strongly suggest cutting your cake before dinner service if you are going with the traditional tiered cake.


A Sweet Heart Cake is an excellent way for couples to save money (and time) while still showcasing an elegant dessert with a traditional cake cutting. The Sweet Heart Cake is one layer 8-9 inch round or square cake decorated in the colors and frosting you like. If you don’t mention this cake if for your wedding most bakeries will price you out in the $20-$30 range. That’s a considerable saving. But what do you feed your guests? There are two great options with the sweetheart cake.
The first is cupcakes or cake pops. You can order cupcakes from a larger retail grocery store for $.75-$1.60 each or from a private bakery for about $2.50 each. Depending on your guest count that can cut your cake cost in half.

The other excellent option for a sweetheart cake is a hidden sheet cake. Your venue should be more than happy to precut and plate a second sheet cake in their kitchen and serve it after your cake cutting. Depending on your guest count you could spend ¼ of what a tiered cake costs with this option.

Wedding Cake

Wedding PIE? WHY NOT?

Pie for a wedding? Why not? Everyone loves pie, and a small cheesecake makes a great bridal cake for cutting. With this option, you can purchase a large variety of flavors from local bakeries or ask your crafty family members who enjoy baking to bring a few along in their favorite flavors. Depending on when you host your wedding you can serve pies that complement the season! Serve tart lemon meringue for late spring and early summer weddings, berry pies in the heat of July and August, sweet apple or cherry pies in the fall and go with everyone’s favorite pumpkin pie for late October and November weddings. There’s a pie for every season!


Do your eyes deceive you? Can you serve donuts for your wedding? Why not!?!? Imagine an adorable pegboard with dozens of tasty donut options or a tiered donut cake tower with a variety of flavors of the cakey treat piled high!! If you choose donuts, you can go along with the festive feel by cutting your own tiny decorated treat for your cake cutting, or you can stick with that sweetheart cake for just the two of you.

As you can see, there are many amazing and unique options for your wedding cake. If you need any help with ideas or selecting the right bakery or cake service for your wedding we’d love to talk with you a little more! Happy Planning!


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