You’re engaged!! Congratulations. These next few months can be the most exciting AND most stressful time of your life. It’s time to research and reserve your wedding professionals, which can be overwhelming and a bit intimidating. Don’t forget that your wedding DJ is a critical part of the success of your day. Not only will your DJ need to play great music, but they will also be responsible for setting the mood for each part of the celebration. But what exactly does a wedding DJ do and how can you decide which one is right for you? Most people don’t know what questions are essential to ask. I’m here to help with that. Here are the TOP Wedding DJ Questions to ask before you hire.:

Is my wedding date available?

This one should be pretty obvious. Be aware that most Wedding DJ’s book 12-18 months in advance, sometimes even two years ahead of time. If there’s a specific DJ you have in mind you should check their availability as soon as possible. While you’re checking on availability, make sure if they will personally be at your wedding.

How much experience do you have?

It’s vital to ask how long your DJ has been doing weddings. Not every type of DJ is the same. It’s a good idea to find out how long someone has been DJing because great wedding DJ’s will have more experience. It’s wise to ask about their capabilities to see if they’re up to the task. Of course, those with more experience are going to provide you with the security of knowing your wedding is in trusted hands. You can learn more about our team of experienced DJ’s on our About Us Page. Check it out!

Do you perform more than one Wedding or Event per day?

Some DJ’s care more about quantity than quality and will book more than one event per day or weekend. It’s important to know that you’re choosing a DJ that cares enough to focus on your big day and make it a success. No Wedding DJ should ever handle more than one wedding or event in a single day without help.

Are you a “single-op” or a “multi-op” Disc Jockey?

This is a great Wedding DJ Question. Time for some DJ industry lingo. DJ Businesses can be ‘single-op’ (One guy going it alone) or ‘multi-op’ (Many DJ’s all working together for the same company). In some cases with a multi-op you may talk to someone about your booking then someone different for your planning and then have a DJ that you’ve never even met on your wedding day. While these companies can book multiple events in a weekend, you often lose that personal touch that makes your day special. It’s vital to find out if the person you’re building a relationship with is going to be at your wedding.
While we run a multi-op, our company promises always to have a partner present at your event. That person works with you from the beginning to ensure that you feel comfortable and happy with your service.

What happens if you become unavailable?

One of those critical questions to ask a wedding DJ, and they really should have a solid answer to this. If they become unavailable (sick, injured, etc.), how are you going to cover my event? Probe a little further and ask for references for their stand in.
Because our company has several DJ’s & MC’s available on staff we are quickly able to schedule a substitute in case of emergency.

Have you performed at my Wedding venue?

This Wedding DJ Question is not one you’d normally think to ask. However, it’s nice to know that your DJ is familiar with the aspects of your wedding venue and has had experience working alongside the staff there. However, if the site is new to the DJ, a good one will research the hall and schedule a time long before your wedding to get the ‘lay of the land.’ You shouldn’t automatically decide against a DJ who hasn’t worked at your hall before. Instead, pay attention to how they react to your plans. Have they taken the time to research your hall and contact the staff? If they are willing to do the extra work to get familiar with your hall, they’re sure to put extra effort into your day as well.

Do you have references?

Any good DJ is going to have a list of previous clients who will be more than happy to tell you about their own experience. Many will also have online reviews and testimonials available for you to look through. I’d go a step further and question each DJ about the photos they use to advertise themselves. While it seems impossible that someone would misrepresent themselves, many DJ’s actually buy generic images to showcase on their FB pages and websites. Ask if they are real weddings that the DJ has performed. If the photos are real, they should be able to give you some detail of the day.

What kind of music will you play?

A great DJ will answer this way: “Whatever you want me to play. It’s your day, not mine.” Every DJ has their own music choices, but when it comes to performing your wedding, those preferences should go right out the window. The DJ you choose should be knowledgeable about many different music genres and be able to provide music that a broad range of people will enjoy. They will be concerned with both your and your guests choice in music. Find out if the DJ is familiar with your favorite type of music and artists right away. Also, find out how the DJ will interact with your guest’s music choice. How will they find out what your guests want to hear? Will they take requests?
Our company provides online Guest Music Suggestion links to each client so their guests can log on in the weeks before the wedding to start requesting music. It helps us to get to know what will work best for your wedding.

What is your personality?

Not every DJ is right for you. The BIGGEST thing to take into consideration is your DJ’s personality and how comfortable you are going to be with them at your wedding. Some DJ’s are flashier entertainers that will get onto the dance floor to engage your guests, putting the spotlight on themselves. Some DJ’s are tamer and will go to extra lengths to work behind the scenes, so the focus is on you and your bridal party. What type of personality you have and what kind of atmosphere you want at your wedding should determine what kind of DJ you book. Because we have numerous DJ’s on staff we try to pair a team member that suits what you’re looking for with your event.

What services do you provide other than music?

So many people mistakenly think that a DJ is only there to play music and in some cases that may be the only thing you’re interested in. However, if you’re expecting your DJ to also MC and provide coordination to keep your wedding flowing, it’s best to find out right away if they offer that service. You don’t want to show up on your wedding day to find out that you have no one to make announcements or to control your order of events.
Many DJ’s also provide other services that complement their Erie DJs services such as Specialty Lighting and Photo Booth. Often these DJ companies will offer you a discount on service for booking more than one service from them. If you’re thinking about having a Photo Booth or Up Lighting at your wedding as well, it’s a good idea to check with your DJ and save a little money rather than hire more than one company to come in. If you really want to save some money contact us and ask about our “Complete Wedding Day” Package that includes: DJ, Photography, Videography, Photo Booth, AND Uplighting.

Do you MC and DJ the event?

This wedding DJ question goes along with the previous one. If your DJ does provide both services will it be one person or will they have multiple people at your wedding? Because your wedding day success depends on building a relationship with your professionals, it’s a good idea to know for sure who will be there and meet them ahead of time.
Our company works in pairs to do a more thorough job of creating a successful outcome for you. We always let our clients know exactly who will be DJing and who will be MCing/Coordinating far in advance. You’ll also have the opportunity to meet both people well before your wedding day arrives so you’re comfortable with them.

Do I get a contract?

If the Wedding DJ doesn’t provide a contract or asks you to put money down before you’ve signed an agreement….RUN!! Run as fast as you can. We’ve all heard the stories of people booking a wedding professional that they thought was a great deal only to have that person not show up or show up and ruin the wedding altogether. I’ve even heard of a couple who paid their fees and were asked for more the day of their marriage. It’s best to have a contract that spells out exactly what service you’re getting and the compensation for it. You don’t need any surprises like that on the biggest day of your life.

Are You Insured?

Any high-quality professional DJ will carry insurance. Many venues even require the DJ to have insurance before they are permitted to work in the building. If you’re looking for one significant factor to distinguish between a DJ that’s serious about their trade and one that might not be, having insurance is a good indicator.

What happens if your equipment fails?

While technology is glorious in many ways and makes our lives more comfortable, it’s not always reliable. What should happen if your DJ experiences equipment failure during your wedding? A good Wedding DJ will have secondary equipment available to substitute in case of failure. A great DJ will ensure you that not only do they have backup equipment, they also perform routine maintenance and checks on their equipment to catch problems before they occur. A DJ should also be expected to bring extra batteries and power cords to avoid any unpleasant surprises day of your Wedding.

Do you handle Wedding ceremony services?

This is one of those things people forget to ask until it’s too late. If the DJ you’ve chosen doesn’t have experience performing ceremony sound and music it may very well throw a huge monkey wrench into your day. A knowledgeable DJ who has worked at ceremonies before will understand the timing and traditions of wedding ceremonies. Not only will they be able to work well with your officiate, but they’ll also be able to help you plan and pick the music for your service ahead of time. They’ll also know what type of equipment you need for your wedding ceremony and suggest the best sound and microphone for your ceremony.
We have an In-House Wedding Coordinator that works alongside each couple to create a ceremony that perfectly reflects who they are.

How do you help me plan my wedding?

Some wedding DJs, like our company, have well-organized and easy to use planning forms to help them collect all of the essential information they need to be successful for you. These forms should help you by reminding you of aspects you haven’t even considered to make your day unique and fun. We often have brides get excited about the interactive online planning tools we provide because it made planning so much more relaxed for them. If they are very experienced, they will also conduct consultations with you to go over any questions you may have and create a timeline of your wedding which they’ll use to coordinate that day. If they lack this kind of planning capability, then the responsibility needs to be covered by a wedding planner or even yourself (and you don’t want that). Now, not every wedding DJ does this, but it’s certainly one of those questions to ask a wedding DJ to at least know if some planning will be offered.

What makes you unique?

It is one of the most important things, but sometimes you will want to save this to the end as you qualify the DJ; what makes you different than the next DJ? Every trustworthy DJ should be able to give you an honest and satisfying answer as to why they feel they’ll do the best job for you.

And finally…….what does this all cost?

Notice I put pricing on the bottom. Honestly, when it comes down to this, the price should be almost secondary. Sure everyone has budgets, but if you find the right DJ aren’t they worth the peace of mind that they will provide you on your special day? The reality is that if the DJ has explained themselves well, they will present to you the value that they will add to your special day. Their professionalism, their expertise, their ability to earn your trust that your wedding will be in great hands. Ensure that you have a proper budget in mind and you’ll be on your way to finding an excellent DJ for your wedding. Remember too that budgeting enough for a quality DJ gives you peace of mind that the most prominent day of your life is in expert hands. I mean, this is your wedding. You’ll want to know that everything is entrusted to someone who can set your mind at ease.

If you’d like a little more help deciding on what the right budget for a Wedding DJ is in our area you can find more helpful information here: Average Cost of a Wedding DJ

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