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Your wedding ceremony only comes once. However, because of Wedding Photography, it doesn’t have to last only one day. We’ll help you capture and preserve your most precious moments. You can relive your wedding day memories anytime you look at your pictures.

Because weddings occur once, you must work with a professional wedding photographer and not just anyone who proclaims himself as a photographer. Many people claim they can handle a camera. Still, not everyone can capture your most precious moments in a way that shows the beauty of your wedding day. From the admiring glance, you and your soul mate share to the lovely way you intertwine your hands, every little detail matters in wedding photography.

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We’ve been covering weddings in Erie for over 15 years, with many successful projects behind us. We understand how much memories matter, and we work above and beyond to give you the best.

Professional Wedding Photographer in Erie, PA

As a professional wedding photographer in Erie, PA, Erie Wedding Photography Service operates with a unique, natural style of wedding photography. Our technique helps you and your spouse’s personalities shine through, both as individuals and as a couple. With our services, you’ll preserve your special moments forever. Our approach involves meeting and chatting with you to help us plan the best way to achieve what you picture in your mind. Unlike some Erie wedding photographers, we don’t offer stereotypical wedding photography services. We offer a bespoke service, which depends on what you need and how you want it.

Importance of working with a professional wedding photographer

You might be tempted to hire an amateur photographer to cover your wedding for low cost or free. Surely, you’ll save some money, but there are numerous benefits to having a professional photographer cover your wedding, and these benefits outweigh what you save when you hire an amateur.

Remember, it’s your wedding day. No mistakes!

An experienced photographer has all the equipment and skills required to give you what you deserve – high quality, rare moment shots. Additionally, an expert photographer has a unique photography style that will help your pictures come to life. A professional dedicates his time to giving you the best, communicating with you from start to finish, and providing special tips and advice on how to make your wedding superb. You’ll feel at ease and focus on having fun while the professional handles the business of capturing worthy moments.

Remember, your wedding day comes once!

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Our Wedding Coordinator is waiting to talk with you about how we can capture your love story on film. Reach out today to schedule your FREE Wedding Consultation.

Why We’re Unique

Our comfy, friendly, and stealth approach keeps you at ease as you’ll hardly notice we’re there. Even when you do, you’ll get reassuring smiles.

Come on; it’s your day; you should enjoy yourself!

We synergize our skills, state of the art equipment, and years of experience to give you top-notch wedding photography. We capture the most memorable moments down to the tiniest details.

Our team of the most dedicated, experienced, and affordable wedding photographers in Erie, PA, and we have one passion. Their heart and soul is to give you the best.

How much does a wedding photographer cost?

Wedding hotographers charge different prices according to their level of experience, skills, and equipment. Other factors that determine the cost of a wedding photographer include the level of input, the duration of service, the event venue, and many others. At Erie Wedding Photography Services, we offer you a price that balances quality and affordability to ensure you get the best at the most affordable cost. We also offer a variety of package that allow you to customize your day according to what’s important to you. 

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