Wedding Monogram Lighting Rental

Monogram Lighting for your Wedding is a unique way to customize the biggest day of your life. You may be familiar with what a monogram light is. I’m sure you’ve seen one at your local hardware store. Monograms are a popular way to decorate the outside of your home during the holiday season. As you drive through your neighborhood in October, you may spy a grinning pumpkin lighting up your neighbor's garage. A ‘Wedding Monogram’ light is a personalized lighting effect that showcases your names & wedding date in your reception venue. Our lighting tech will help you decide the best location for your personal monogram light. We have several different exciting monogram lighting options to offer you. Please read further to learn about Static Initial, Customized Static, Projection, and Projection Video Monograms. When you’re done, contact us to set up a consultation for your own personal Wedding Logo!!

Static Monogram 

Our static monogram light is created by using a professional LED Light that contains a small metal disc. This acts just like when you were a child and made shadow puppets on the wall. The difference between your shadow puppet and the Static Monogram Light is the intensity of the bulb. Our light shines your Wedding Logo brilliantly across several dozen feet and is available in 6 colors. We offer 2 options of Static Monogram Lighting, Static Initial Monogram & Customized Static Monogram. This allows you to create the experience you want at your wedding or event.

Static Initial Monogram

This option comes in the Premium Wedding Day DJ Package. We keep all of the most popular letters on hand in our office on the metal plates required for this light. Most couples opt to use the first letter of their new last name together. Accent your cake table, head table, or the dance floor. The letter plates are all in an attractive, easy to read font to please everyone. Because this LED light can be programmed in 6 colors, you can choose whichever you want. The most popular display area for this Wedding Logo is behind the newlyweds at the head table. Each year about 75% of our clients select the Premium Wedding Day DJ Package with this enhancement. 

Customized Static Monogram

This light is an upgrade from the previous Wedding Logo. Our In House Design Tech will work with you to select the perfect display for your names & wedding date. Once you’ve made your selection we special order a metal monogram plate to your specifications. We try to take care of this order as early in your planning process as possible to allow for ample delivery time before your event. We want to have the chance to test the light with your plate and tweak any settings to make it perfect for your day. The designs are available for your Customized Monogram Light range from simple to extravagant. Some versions have small shapes or scrolling effects included. When you’re ready to begin the selection process, we’ll go through a catalog of designs with you.

Projection Wedding Logo Lighting

Our Projection Monogram Light goes above and beyond what a standard light can do. This option uses a high powered projector to display the image instead of the LED light used for the Static Monogram. Using the Projector gives us one significant benefit. The design options for a Projection Monogram Light are almost endless. Using a projector means our Design Tech will create your Personalized Wedding Logo on a computer. He’ll be able to use accents and colors not available using the metal plating with the LED light. Once he’s finished creating your unique Wedding Logo, he’ll email it to you to approve before programming it into our Monogram Software. Your names & wedding date will shine brilliantly for everyone to enjoy!

Animated Projection Video Lighting

This is the animated version of your Wedding Logo. It’s pretty self-explanatory. We take the idea of a motionless Wedding Logo and turn it into a short looped Wedding Video Logo which will enhance your celebration in ways you never imagined. Just as with the Projection Monogram Light, our Design Tech will work with you to create a Wedding Video Logo that suits your style or matches your wedding theme. After you approve of the video, he’ll program it into our software and prepare it for your wedding day. The design possibilities are just about endless. We have many beautiful samples for you to view before you contact us to set up your consultation for DJ & Monogram Lighting Service!!

Video Monograms

Want a Customized Monogram?

Contact us to talk with our IN House Graphic Artist about your custom designed Monogram Light.

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