Dance Lighting Effects & More

What comes to mind when you think of a fantastic DJ? I’m sure great music is one of the things that came up. But what about Dance Floor Lighting or other Lighting and Visual Effects? Dance Lighting & other Lighting Effects are a modern and fun way to increase the excitement at your event. Your DJ should be able to provide you with more than a little musical entertainment. A Professional Disc Jockey should also have some spectacular and unique tricks up their sleeve to wow your guests. So, what types of party tricks do we have? I’m glad you asked.

Dance Floor Lighting

The most common service a DJ provides besides music is usually Dance Floor Lighting rental. The newest dance lighting is LED and what we like to call ‘intelligent.’ Each light contains a sensor that listens to the music and adjusts the rhythm of the light to that song. What this means for you is more energy and fun!! Whether we’re playing your favorite slow song or the latest hit, the lighting sets the mood on the dance floor. Do you want to see what our dance floor lighting can do? Just check out this video.

Haze Machine Effect

Bring a ‘Club’ feel to your dance floor with this lighting effect. A haze machine creates a subtle smoke effect on the dance floor that highlights the laser lights being used by the DJ. Basically, it makes your dance lighting look wicked cool. Instead of splashes of light bouncing off the floor and walls, you’ll see beams of light cutting through the air. If you have any more questions about the Haze Effect, contact us today.

Pyrotechnic Fog

These fantastic little lights look like a real fire, but they aren’t. The pyrotechnic lighting effect is an LED light that also shoots out a mist of haze. The combination of the light and fog produce an outcome that looks like a real fire! But the best part about this enhancement is that it is perfectly safe. This is a great way to make your entrance really GRAND at your event.

Cake Mapping

Cake Mapping is probably the MOST unique effect you can have at your wedding to amaze your guests! We are currently the only local Entertainment Company offering this innovative service. Cake Mapping is essentially creating a 3D video loop that is projected onto a ‘fake cake.’ Our Design Tech will work alongside you to come up with the perfect video effect for your celebration.

Dancing On The Clouds

On your Wedding Day, we hope you really feel like you’re dancing on the clouds. But during your first dance, what if you really could or at least look like you are? Dancing On The Clouds is a special effect using water vapor or dry ice mist to create the look of a real cloud on your dance floor. It is a low lying effect that dissipates shortly after you’re done dancing. If this is your dream, we want to make it happen.

Video Slideshow

Do you want a sure fire way to share your love story with everyone at your wedding? A Video Slideshow is the perfect way to share your unique story. We’ll use photos of your life to create a personalized video loop that will be on display during your reception. You choose the images you want us to use, and we’ll put them to work for you. When we’re finished, you’ll keep the video on a disc that is presented before we leave. We're looking forward to creating your love story video.

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