Preserve your experience with a portrait which provides lifetime memories you’ll cherish for years. Showcase your personality and essence in one photo that’ll capture your features like never before.

Importance of Portrait Photography

Printing your photos is incredibly important. Whether it’s a snapshot of your face or a shot of you doing something spectacular, capturing and preserving rare moments into physical copies is vital. Nobody knows what will happen next, and the portrait shots you take might become a precious keepsake for your loved ones.

Besides, portraits are a fantastic way to see ourselves and our beauty the way other people see us. You might say, “Why not look into the mirror?” However, sometimes it’s hard to look in the mirror day after day and uphold that unique confidence you possess. However, having someone who sees you as beautiful from the eyes of a lens and can photograph you in a way that shows your beauty is an extraordinary experience.

Photography is a powerful medium; it’s the perfect recording of your history.

Professional Portrait Photographer in Erie, PA

Erie Portrait Photography is a top photography service provider providing portrait photography services to individuals, families, and organizations in Erie, PA. We work with a natural and unique approach which makes our portraits come to life on print. We have a way of looking deep and capturing the untold stories behind a smile, posture, or entire personality. Our keen eye to details and empathetic approach helps us capture images which highlight features clients never thought they had. Our approach involves meeting and chatting with you to help us plan the best way to achieve what you picture in your mind. Unlike some Erie portrait photographers, we don’t offer a stereotyped portrait photography service. We offer a bespoke service, which depends on your personality and desire.

Why We're Unique

Our comfy and friendly approach keeps you at ease as you’ll have smiles on your face throughout the session. We synergize our skills, state of the art equipment and pool of experience to give you top-notch portraits.
Our team is made up of the most dedicated, experienced, and affordable photographers in Erie, PA, and we have one target – to give you the best.

How much does a portrait photographer cost?

Different photographers charge different portrait photography prices according to their level of experience, skills, and equipment. Other factors that determine the cost of a portrait photographer include the level of input, the duration of service, the photo session venue, and many others. At Erie portrait photography Services, we offer you a price that balances quality and affordability to ensure you get the best at the most affordable cost.

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We’ve been producing the most amazing portraits in Erie for over 15 years. We understand how much your pictures mean to you, and we work above and beyond to give you the best.

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