Photo Booth enhancements are the best way to wow your guests! We have options that allow you to completely customize your photo booth rental. You’ll create a personalized package with the extras you want! Our exciting options will take your wedding or event photo booth to the next level. We have fun prop theme experiences, unique print designs, stunning Green Screen choices, live feed video slideshows, and more!! Find out what incredible photo booth options we have available that other local companies can't offer you!!

Personalized Attract Video Add On

A Personalized Attract Video is a unique Photo Booth Enhancement. Erie Photo Booth gives you the option of pre-recording a video greeting that will play each time your guests enter the booth. This is your chance to thank everyone for coming to share your day with you. Or maybe to provide any special instructions you may have to make your celebration an even bigger success!

You'll meet with our videographer before your event for a private video shoot to create a 10-20 second long video. Our team will edit your video and program directly into the booth. Your video will play each and every time a guest steps into the booth and presses 'Start'. This is your chance to tell everyone just how much their presence means to you. If you've ordered a Memory Keeper Flash Drive, your Personalized Attract Video will be saved on it along with all the other images/videos captured at your event. Don’t worry, we’ll present it to you before our attendants leave. Day of delivery means you don't have to wait for your precious memories.

Video Well Wish Recording Option

Did you know that Erie Photo Booth can do more than take a few photos during your guests session? The Video Well-Wish Recording Photo Booth Enhancement is another way to amaze your guests. Our photo booth can be programmed to allow your guests to leave you a video recording during their visit. Imagine the words of advice, congratulations, funny moments, and jokes that you'd miss out on without adding this feature. Give your guests the chance to tell you everything on their hearts as you celebrate this special occasion with them. Then, enjoy those moments again and again by rewatching or sharing to social media. Your video recording will include a Memory Keeper Flash Drive of each video that is recorded during the night.

Social Media Sharing Option

Who doesn't love sharing their lifetime moments on Social Media like Facebook and Instagram? Erie Photo Booth loves sharing all the fun moments as well! That's why we offer Social Media Sharing as a Photo Booth Enhancement. Social Media Sharing allows your guests the option of logging into their Facebook or Instagram accounts right from the photo booth to instantly upload their experience. You decide if its a GIF or still image format. We can also set up our booth to share your photo booth rental to our Facebook page. Your guests can visit afterwards and share their photos right from our business Facebook page.

E-mail & Text Sharing Option

We understand not everyone is into sharing on Social Media. That's why Erie Photo Booth also gives you the option of Email & Text Sharing. Your guests will be prompted at the end of each session to enter their email address or cell phone number. The booth will send them a digital copy of their visit. You decide if its a still image or a GIF. It's up to you and your guests how they want to share the fun with family and friends.

GIFS Enhancement

Who doesn't love a GIF? I do, that's for sure. Just ask anyone who knows me. I could have an entire conversation using only GIFS. In fact, I HAVE had entire conversations with GIFS...don't judge. Did you know that you can create GIFS in a photo booth? You can with Erie Photo Booth, anyway!! We want to keep up with all the fun modern trends that you and your guests love. That’s why we give you the option of turning your visits into a fun GIF.

Our photo booth will take the photos captured during the visit and turn them into a short video loop (GIF). The only catch to this feature is that you must order our Social Media Sharing Enhancement, E-mail or Text Sharing Enhancement or our Memory Keeper Flash Drive to be able to enjoy the benefits. Luckily for you our premium package comes with the Memory Keeper Flash Drive! You'll have all of those GIFS right in the palm of your hand. You can share those GIFS anyway that you want to. This is one Photo Booth Enhancement you don't want to miss out on. 


Instagram/Hashtag Printing Add On

We expect that your Erie Photo Booth rental is going to be the most fun at your event. But there are going to be plenty of other amazing moments during the night, too. We don't want you to miss out on those moments. That's why we offer Instagram/Hashtag Printing right on site. Your guests can take a cell phone photo and send it instantly to our photo booth's printer. There, it will print out and be waiting for them to walk over and take it. You heard me right. No need to leave disposable cameras out for your guests. Just let us know that you love this idea and we can add it right into your photo booth rental!!

Memory Keeper Flash Drive Add On

An Erie Photo Booth rental is never complete with a Memory Keeper Flash Drive. You've hired the most customizable photo booth rental in Erie, Pa. It makes sense that you'd want to save every moment of your day to enjoy later on. Your Memory Keeper Flash Drive will automatically save every visit onto your drive as it happens. It can also capture and save any GIFS or Video Recordings during your event as well. Everything from your event is going to be wrapped up in a neat little package that fits inside your pocket. You can upload them to social media, email family & friends who couldn't make it, print them out to give as gifts or use on your thank you cards, or use them to make your own incredible slide show of your celebration!

The best part is that your Memory Keeper Flash Drive is created in real time during your event. Our staff will eject the drive from our photo booth and present it to you before they leave. Instant memories for you stored in a convenient, easy to carry drive.

Live-feed Video SlideShow Enhancement

You want to share all the fun of your Erie Photo Booth rental with your guests. We can bring a sign that invites your guests to visit the booth and hope that they notice it. Or, we can bring out an action packed, Instantly Up-dated LIVE FEED Video SlideShow! All of the hilarious fun on a huge video screen! This Photo Booth Enhancement is perfect for larger events.

We’ll bring a large flat screen monitor that sits up high on a tripod stand right near the photo booth. As your guests finish with their photo booth session our program will instantly upload their photos to a video slideshow. The slideshow will loop during your event enticing all of your guests to come over for some fun.  As the night goes on and more people join in, your video slideshow will grow longer and crazier!! What could be more fun?!?!

Green Screen Enhancement

All of our Photo Booth Packages include a complimentary backdrop. To be honest, most local photo booth companies include a backdrop in their packages. Any old photo booth rental can give you a curtain backdrop. But don't you want something to leave your guests astonished?

A Green Screen Enhancement is the perfect way to personalize your photo booth rental. Imagine your guests taking their photos inside a spooky dungeon with a fire breathing dragon lurking nearby. How about being under the sea with sharks swimming just a little too close? A bit frightening for you? Maybe you’d like a flower covered meadow or a castle fit for a princess? Would you like to take a walk among the stars? There are so many possibilities with a Green Screen Enhancement. It's one of our most popular options. Contact us today and we'll set up a time for our In House Graphic Designer to talk with you.

Quizzes & Contests Option

No matter what type of event you're hosting, contests, games, and quizzes are fun and entertaining. Why not vamp up your Erie Photo Booth rental by adding our contest option to your package? Our booth can be programmed to either randomly pick a 'WINNER' or to prompt your guests to answer a question at the end of each session. Those answering correctly are the winners!! The rules of the game are all up to you (and so are the prizes)! However, our Photo Booth can do the rest of the work for you. This is a fabulous option for School Photo Booth Rentals, Corporate Photo Booth Rentals, Baby Shower Photo Booths, and more!!! Make all of your guests feel like a winner by choosing this customized option for your celebration!

Leather Bound Memory Book Add On

Our Personalized Memory Keeper Book is not the basic scrap book you'll get with most photo booth rentals in Erie, Pa. In fact, many local photo booth companies don't even offer you the option of having a memory book. We understand how important your memories are to you. We want to make sure that you have these memories to treasure and look back on for years to come. That's why we offer a Leather Bound Memory Book that's enclosed in a protective Leather Box. These Memory Books are already custom designed to house and protect your photo booth prints. The cover of each book includes a window custom sized to fit one 2X6 Photo Strip Print.

The Memory Keeper Book is the reason we always send 2 friendly attendants.. One attendant is interacting with your guests in the booth, monitoring the program to ensure it's running correctly and keeping the prop area tidy. Meanwhile, the other attendant is helping your guests to create a Memory Keeper Book. We’ll deliver that book to you at the end of your event.

The booth always prints 2 duplicate copies of your 2X6 Strip (if that's the design you've selected). One is glued into your memory book and we will encourage your guests to sign next to their picture. The other copy goes with your guests to enjoy. The best part of this awesome option is that you don't have to wait to enjoy all the amazing moments your guests created! You can enjoy the same night because we leave the book with you.


Unlimited Prints Enhancement

Most Photo Booth Rental companies in Erie, Pa offer Unlimited 'VISITS' or 'SESSIONS'. It's important to know the difference between that and Unlimited PRINTS. Even our Professional Photo Booth Package includes Unlimited Visits to the booth while it's open. Each visit will print your choice of either 2 duplicate 2X6 photo strips or 1 postcard style 4X6 print. However, with Erie Photo Booth you can get Unlimited Prints as well. You can guarantee that each guest walks away with their own copy of the visit to treasure forever.

How it works: our attendant will ask your guests at the end of their session how many prints they'd like. They'll prompt the booth to print that many photos PLUS one extra for your collection. Everyone gets to enjoy the memories that were created at your event!

Photo Strip Frames Add On

The Top reason people hire Erie Photo Booth is because it makes a phenomenal party favor for any event. You can make your photo booth rental more spectacular with acrylic frames that are specifically made for 2X6 Photo Strips. It's easy to insert a 2X6 print out into each frame ahead of time. Leave the frames out to encourage your guests to visit the booth. They’ll leave a memory with you and take a memory home in the frame you've given them.

If you've hired our team for photography prior to your event we can create a personalized message for your frames. Even if you didn't do a photo session with us our graphic artist can create a personalized message. Just let us know what you want. We'll also happily insert it into your frames so it's ready to go the day of your event! We have many styles of frames available. Let us know what you’re looking for, or ask for some samples.



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