Top Most Requested Songs

What are the TOP MOST REQUESTED SONGS to make your wedding or event fun and successful? Erie Wedding & Event Services has the answer to help you pick the perfect music for your event.

Choosing the right songs for your celebration can make or break the night. Your DJ should ask you for a short list to get them started building the perfect playlist for your event. But how can you know what your guests will want to hear? That's where we come in to help. These lists were compiled by collecting the date from REAL guest requests across the country. We belong to a DJ Organization that allows us to collect your guest's requests online. Every year that organization releases the list of the Top Most Requested Songs. These are the songs guaranteed to get your guests onto the dance floor where you want them. Please browse through these lists to help you create an amazing playlist. And when you're done, please ask us for a Guest Music Suggestion Link of your own! By doing so, your guests can help create next years Top Most Requested Songs list!!

Top Songs For Weddings & Events

The Top 200 Most Requested Wedding Songs

The Top Most Requested Songs by Decade

Top Songs for Wedding Party Entrance & Introductions

Top First Dance Wedding Songs

Top Father Daughter Dance Songs

Top Mother Son Dance Songs

Top Wedding Party Songs

Top Anniversary or Couples Dance Songs for Weddings

Top Cake Cutting Songs

Top Bouquet Toss Songs

Top Garter Toss Songs

Top Songs to End a Wedding or Best Last Song of the Night

Top Songs to Walk Down the Aisle (Ceremony Processional)

Top Songs for Wedding Recessional

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