Warner Theater Wedding: The Perfect Setting

Trisha & Judah are an exceptional couple who owns a tattoo parlor in Pittsburgh, PA wedding. They decided to host their ceremony & reception in the Erie, PA, which is the grooms’ hometown. They chose the beautiful & unique historical Warner Theater in downtown Erie, Pennsylvania. The Theater was first opened on April 10, 1931. It maintains a gorgeous art deco décor and feel with rich tapestries and gold french mirrors. The bridal couple was permitted to utilize the main foyer, grand staircase, lower and upper hallways, and bar service area. The bride was able to get ready on location in the upper restroom facilities. Nearby, the gentlemen had access to the lower restroom facilities to get dressed. Callie’s West provided the catering for the wedding, which was brought in.

Wedding Planning Stages

We were first contacted by Trisha about a year before their wedding date. In fact, the couple initially were planning an October wedding and booked both us and the hall. They changed their minds, however. We were happy to provide suggestions for a new venue. After discussing other locations with our bridal couple, they decided on The Warner Theater. This switch meant moving the wedding up to July. We immediately provided them our Interactive Online Planning Forms including Online Guest Request links. During the next several months we communicated with the Bride and Groom as they began to select their special music by email and text message. We then met about 3 weeks before their wedding to finalize their music selections, timeline, and Photo Strip Design.

Conquering a Theater Full of Potential Issues

Like any historic building, The Warner Theater poses certain challenges. The Warner boasts very tall ceilings, a stunning Grand Staircase, and intricate decor. There are limited electrical sources. In addition the entire reception is hosted in the main foyer of the theater which is slightly slanted and does not have room for Sound Equipment. We set up on the Main Balcony at the top of the Grand Staircase. The Cocktail Hour and Cake Cutting both took place underneath and behind the DJ set up. This challenge meant we also had to use our wireless speaker system to provide sound and music for that are of the venue.

Because of the layout and limited electrical our wireless speakers, microphone and wireless up lighting were detrimental in creating a great sound & lighting experience. It was also a bit of a challenge to set up our Photo Booth. We had to be very careful to set up in a way that would cause no disruption or harm to the many original statues and fountains in the theater. We were able to use the beautiful fountains as a backdrop for their photos to incorporate the venue experience into their memories.

Our experienced Wedding Coordinator was able to provide ceremony assistance like no other DJ in the Erie area can offer. She was present at the Wedding Rehearsal the evening before to explain the wedding traditions to the family and bridal parties. Also she was on hand to calm any nerves and make sure everyone understood their role. She was also there during the ceremony to make sure the bridal party had the perfect timing and cues to create a seamless flow to the ceremony.

Our two friendly Photo Booth attendants were on hand to help the Bride and Groom’s guests enjoy the customized booth experience. Our Technician had designed a Photo Strip that excellently complimented the couple’s colors (Wine & Gold) while incorporating the décor details of the theater to create a design the couple can treasure forever in their Memory Keepsake Book. No other Photo Booth experience is quite the same. the bridal couple also were able to choose from 6 Unique Prop Themes to enhance their experience. To play into the history of the theater they chose the Roaring Twenties theme.

Planning and Execution of an Erie Wedding

Five of our talented and dedicated team members were involved in creating the perfect Warner Theater Wedding for this amazing couple. It began with our Wedding Coordinator working with the couple throughout the planning process. Our Technician worked behind the scenes creating the custom Photo Strip Design. Our Wedding Coordinator, Disc Jockey, and two Photo Booth attendants were on hand during the actual wedding to meet all the couples and guests needs during the day. We began planning and assisting the bridal couple about one year before their wedding took place. The actual Wedding Celebration took about 12 hours and included travel, set up, sound & lighting checks, Ceremony Performance, Reception Performance and tear down.

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