A Warm Winter Wedding

Rebekah & Luke held their winter themed wedding in early January during the New Year’s Holiday at the Harborcreek Social Hall in Harborcreek, PA. The hall is large with plain white walls, plenty of room for creative decoration and lighting design. The Bride’s parents are the ones who initially contacted us and booked our service, which is a little unusual. However, the couple was busy several hours away in college and weren’t able to come to town to interview vendors and make selections. We were booked to provide DJ, MC, and Up Lighting for the couple.

Planning in a Short Amount of Time

Planning was a bit of a challenge due to time constraints and physical distance, but nothing we hadn’t overcome in the past. We typically have about 12-18 months to go over plans with the couple. However, for this wedding, we were booked in early November giving us just under two months during the busy holiday season. This type of situations is where our Interactive Online Planning Tools came in handy. The couple was able to sign into their account during their free time to update and answer questions, and we were able to plan with them via email during their absence at school. In the end, we were able to come up with a timeline and prepare for the evening in a short amount of time. Everything worked out well; in fact, it worked out better than the bride’s parents had anticipated.

Other Challenges

The other aspect that made this wedding a challenge was the fact that they were Baptist. It was a dry wedding, and the parents warned us that there would be no dancing. They wanted us to be very respectful, with our music selections. Every wedding is unique, and we explained that we were happy to play musical selections that were appropriate. We also were happy play the music that their guest would be able to listen to and enjoy while they visited. The family was sure there would be no dancing. Much to the parent’s surprise not only was there dancing, but the pastor was on the dance floor as well! We were so excited that their wedding reception turned out as well as it did.

I credit the training our Wedding Coordinator has in helping to move the timeline and planning along as well the customized tools she’s created for couples to use online at their discretion. Without those tools, we would not have been able to pull this wedding without stress. In the end, the night went exactly the way the Bride & Groom and their parents were hoping it would be. Rebekah & Luke were a delightful couple to work alongside, and we are grateful to have been selected to make their day a success. Whether you’re planning a Winter Wedding or a Summer Cocktail Party we’re here to help.

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