Uplighting – Which Color is Right For You?

Uplighting is one of the most visually powerful lighting techniques available today. It can transform an ordinary banquet hall into a truly unique entertaining space. Choosing the right uplighting color can be a difficult task. However, at Erie DJ Entertainment we provide you with the tools necessary to assist in selecting the perfect uplighting color for your wedding. Check Out our Color Picker here.

What color should you select to enhance your Wedding Celebration?
Uplighting is an ever-increasing trend in decor for many different types of events, especially weddings. It is an immediate mood-changer for any room. The right lighting can make a spacious room feel more intimate. It can turn bland, boring walls into something appealing and bring elegance to any celebration. Uplighting is a must when it comes to making your wedding or event pop!
Choosing just the right hue from an unending variety of colors may be a little intimidating. That’s why I’ve taken the time to break it down for you and explain how each color can change the feel for you.

Color: Red/Burgundy/Crimson

Uplighting Colors - Red

Reds hues are very bold when used in uplighting. This color is often selected to enhance your event color palette and match decor (like bridesmaid dresses or flowers). Entering a room bathed in red feels sophisticated, sexy or exciting depending on how it’s tied to the room itself and the decor. Also, this color combines well with orange and yellow/gold for a welcoming, warm autumn glow.

Color: Orange/Coral/Pink

Uplighting Color - Pink

Orange is an excellent choice for a crisp fall wedding day. It adds warmth to your venue while keeping with the rustic fall feel. We recently used a combination of orange and red at a barn wedding.
Coral and Pink shades are very popular for spring and summer weddings and is a great accent color to a variety of shades of blue and green.

Color: Yellow/Gold

Like orange, yellow/gold are colors that bring warmth to a room. These colors seem to be more popular for fall events but have been gaining popularity throughout the year. Gold/Yellow provides the illusion of candlelight glow throughout the room, bringing a feeling of romance, intimacy, and comfort. It’s an excellent choice for a subtle impact that guests will undoubtedly remember!

Color: Green

If you’re hoping to make a statement by being unique green is a perfect choice! While not as widespread and common as the other colors, it brightens up a room by creating a fresh, crisp feeling. Green is a vivid color that pops and demands attention. It’s often used as a subtle accent color and ignored in the overall decor scheme.

Color: Light Blue/Tiffany Blue/Turquoise

These colors are trendy; creating a fresh, dreamy look that stirs the imagination. While blue hues are considered calming, they bring elegance to any venue. Blues make a sweet addition to any spring or summer wedding, and they are an excellent choice to compliment your Winter Wonderland wedding as well. This lighter blue is a versatile color that can be used in addition to your color palette as it comes in so many shades.

Color: Blue/Dark Blue

With so many different shades of blue from Royal to Navy-it is by far the most popular uplighting color. Exciting and energetic, it leaves your guests ready to party! Dark blues make guests feel like they are in a club, so it is an ideal choice for any celebration. It pairs well with any decor and any wedding color (even if your wedding color is pink). When you’re having trouble deciding, this is a great color to choose.

Color: Purple

Purple is the color of royalty. It is rich and inviting and can add depth and excitement to your wedding celebration. In the Lake Erie Region are many wineries. Adding purple lighting to your winery or wine themed wedding makes sense. We’ve seen a trend in purple uplighting over the last few years. Many shades are available from deep purple to plum.

Color: White

The white color is an LED white (slight blue tint). This is a great modern color to highlight a head table, cake area, or just bring more light into a venue. This is a subtle way to add personality to a room. We used white lighting on the outside of the Watson/Curtze Mansion for an outdoor summer wedding. It brought out the pink of the stone and created a soft look at the wedding.

Whatever the color you choose, you can’t go wrong. Uplighting is a must in venue decor! It is always good to discuss your plan with a lighting professional so they can make the best suggestions based on your decor and vision. Bring on the color!

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