Mike & Andrea first contacted us during the cold winter months before their wedding day. The couple was planning a rustic summer wedding at Port Farms. We met with them at a local coffee shop to talk about their wedding day while keeping warm with a cup of coffee. We instantly felt like this couple had been friends for a long time. Their personalities and sense of humor was contagious. We were very happy they selected us for their wedding coordination & entertainment.

Rustic Wedding Planning

We began the planning process with Mike & Andrea by using our interactive online forms that allowed them to select their music. Our Wedding Coordinator, Eve, was on hand to help them set the timeline for their day. She was available through email, phone calls, and text up until 2 weeks before their summer wedding. At that point our team sat down with the couple to discuss their plans and finalize the timeline. We also made sure to get their other vendors information. Officiate Diana Ziemniak and Photographer Penny Shaut were working alongside us to bring Mike & Andrea’s vision to life. Another exciting aspect of their wedding was the venue. Port Farms is a local staple in the fall for apples, pumpkins, and sweet treats. However, during the summer months they open the barn up for rustic weddings.

Summer Wedding Challenges

While Port Farms is an updated barn venue with modern conveniences, every wedding still has challenges. Mike & Andrea’s dream was to get married just outside of the barn. This was our first challenge. We visited the venue and did a walk through to develop a plan a few weeks before their wedding day. We decided what type of sound equipment we’d need and what the best strategy would be to get that high quality sound outdoors for their wedding. However, even the best laid plans don’t always work. Our plans were stopped to a grinding halt on the wedding day because of rain. It was an easy fix to move the location of the ceremony right into the barn, but the bride was crushed about the move. In times like these our coordinator does her best to stay positive and cheerful. She kept the bride informed and allowed her to be comforted by kind words from her close friends & family.

The other challenge was to keep our modern equipment from ruining the gorgeous rustic wedding setting. In order to be more discreet our Tech Guru, Tom, placed much of our lighting behind the rustic decor in the venue. This blended in and hid the modern lighting equipment. It was a genius move. The dance lighting was still able to provide energy to the floor while remaining hidden. Speaking of the dance floor, that was another challenge all in itself and not in a bad way! This rustic summer wedding was held on a hot night, but the dance floor was even hotter! It was so packed our team wasn’t able to walk across it to perform tasks. We had to circumvent the dance floor by going outside and walking around the building to re-enter on the other side. People of all ages packed the dance floor all night long.

After the Wedding

We kept in close touch with Mike & Andrea. When the bride received her wedding photos she scoured through hundreds of them to find one of Tom. He did such a good job blending in and being discreet that it took her hours to find a photo with him in it. She posted her photo on Facebook and tagged him in it. We’re glad we did keep in touch with this fun couple. Because several years later while we were expanding, Mike joined our team as a DJ & MC. He’s been working for us now for almost 5 years and he’s a crucial member of our staff. If you want to experience Mike’s glowing personality at your own wedding just give us a call!


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