How to Choose a Wedding Pro

Is Choosing a Wedding Professional That Important?

Most brides that I talk with go into wedding planning blind. They aren’t sure which questions to ask to find the right vendor for them. We’re all trained to ask the same question and compare products based on one criteria, price. The problem with doing this in the service area for your wedding or any other important life event is that you’re not paying for a product on a shelf. You are paying a professional service person based on their experience and the quality they bring to the table. Just as in any other area of life the higher, the class usually means a higher fee, but there’s one MAJOR difference here. If you buy a low-quality blender because you were shopping on low price alone, you can always replace the blender when it fails to make that delicious blueberry smoothie. However, your wedding day and crucial life moments don’t get a do-over. Pricing your wedding professionals out solely on price could prove to be disastrous. There are no exchanges or refunds that can make up for losing precious wedding memories.

Hiring a Wedding Professional

The first step to selecting a vendor is to meet them face-to-face. This allows you to get a really good feel for their personality and see how they handle themselves. Are they professionally dressed? Do they understand what they are talking about? Are they listening to your needs and wants? Do they seem genuinely concerned with meeting your needs? Do they have credentials and can they provide references from previous clients? Are there online reviews for this vendor and what do past clients have to say? A wedding professional is usually full time. They are dedicated to their business. It’s more than a job to them; it’s a passion. An experienced professional will bring the benefit of those years. They will take the time to listen to what’s important to you and to work with you to make your dreams happen. In addition, they’ll be acquainted and familiar with other vendors in town and usually have worked together in the past. The experiences they’ve had serving past events have taught them how to handle a variety of situations so they’ll be able to provide excellent service to you no matter what happens.

What Does a High Quality Wedding Pro Do?

A great Wedding Professional is also going to bring High-Quality Equipment and Gear with them. Photographers have been known to bring $30,000 worth of camera gear. A DJ may have $20,000 in sound and lighting equipment with them. Quality caterers are going to select the best food and prepare it most efficiently to provide you the best quality.

Find out if the vendor you are considering belongs to any Professional Associations or Organizations and if they participate in ongoing education to improve themselves. That’s a great sign of a dedicated wedding pro. Another good thing to check on is insurance and business licenses. A trustworthy professional is going to have both.

Which Aspects Of My Wedding Are Most Important?

The first thing most brides think about when wedding planning is the dress. However, the wedding dress isn’t even in the Top 3 weddings aspects that will make your day successful and memorable. The three most essential wedding items that should take up the majority of your wedding budget are Venue/Catering, DJ, and Photographer. Let’s take a quick look at why:

Venue/Catering– The hall you book sets the tone for your entire wedding. It creates the atmosphere you’re hoping for whether it be a country wedding in a barn, ultra-urban in a new high rise lobby, or retro in an old theater. The other part of this is, of course, the food. Your guests will remember a delicious meal. Excellent service from staff and tasty food set a good mood for the night.

DJ (Or Band)– Your Wedding Entertainment is responsible for so much more than just keeping your guests happy with good music. They take control of your entire event acting as your Reception Coordinator to keep the night flowing smoothly while playing the right music to keep everyone moving. Your DJ creates your special moments. A dedicated professional will supply dance lighting and may have up lighting for you as well. Find out how much the average Erie Wedding DJ costs here: LEARN MORE.

Photographer (and Videographer) Is responsible for capturing that atmosphere and special moments the venue and DJ have worked so hard to prepare. They need to be on their toes to catch every moment and to have the highest quality camera gear to produce perfect photos. The photographer gets to his/her real work after your event, pouring through thousands of shots to find just the perfect ones to edit for you. A good pro will not work alone; they always have a second shooter to capture different angles and to ensure not a moment is lost. Find out more about our team here: Erie Wedding Photography

So, as you’re beginning to plan to make these aspects a priority, leave plenty of room in your budget for the pros that will give you the best results and book as early as possible to ensure you get your choice of the best.

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