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How Much Is a Wedding Videographer?

You’re planning your wedding day and that is amazing! It’s such an exciting time in your life. These are the moments you’ll want to look back on over the years to relive your love story. A Wedding Videographer is one of the best ways to capture those moments that you want to preserve. But that, of course, leads most brides into a common question. How much does a Wedding Videographer in Erie PA costs anyway? We’ve got the answers for you and then a little more. Let’s begin with what a Wedding Videographer will do for you.

Okay. What does a Wedding Videographer Do?

I’m so glad you asked! I was hoping to talk to you about what a Wedding Videographer can do for you. And why you should trust one to capture your memories. A professional Wedding Videographer is responsible for using their experience, training, and a whole lot of high tech gear. They do this to create magic out of what may feel like rushed chaos to you.

A pro will begin by getting to know you a bit before your wedding day. They’ll ask you questions about your personality, your love story, and what’s important to you on your wedding day. They can make sure to capture your day in a way that reflects who you are. They will arrive at your location at least 2 hours before your shoot time begins to carefully setup and test every piece of equipment they’ll need to make your wedding film exactly what you want. They’ll set up and check lighting and camera angles. If you’ve hired them to record audio they’ll test those too.

The average person hires a video team for 6-8 hours which usually covers everything from some getting ready or first look time to well after the essential moments of your reception such as first dance and cake cutting. After working an 8-10 hour day your team will pack up and say their goodbyes. That’s when the real work begins. Your videographer will now pour through 8-16 hours of raw footage (depending on how many shooters you had) to scrutinize each frame and select the best footage from your wedding day. After they’ve selected only the very best footage will they load it into professional editing software and begin the process of piecing together your most perfect story!! In the end you’ll have an outstanding 5-25 minute (the average length of a cinematic style wedding video) film of your wedding day! The editing process may take your wedding videographer 30-40 hours of hard work.

Wedding Videography
Wedding Videography
Wedding Videography

So, How Much Will This Cost?

Now that you know what a Wedding Videographer is going to do for you it’s reasonable that you’d want to know how to budget for one.

According to a Wedding Wire article most couples spend between $1,000-$2,500 on a Wedding Videographer for basic service with premium services costing as much as $3,900 or more. What a pro charges is largely based on their personal experience, their talent, and the amount of equipment they have invested in.

It’s safe to say if you’re looking into a videographer for less than $1,000 you are hiring a beginner or amatuer who shoots by themselves. If you are looking in the price range of $1,000-$2,500 you are most likely looking at a Videographer with a few more years under their belt who has been able to invest in more trustworthy equipment. Most likely, this videographer will come with a second shooter to ensure they capture every important aspect of your day.

However, if you’re intent on hiring a Wedding Videographer team in Erie, PA who you can trust to bring years of experience, quality equipment, and deliver results that you will look back on for years with no regrets, you’ll want to find a team on the higher end of this price range. It’s essential to understand the difference so you can budget according to what’s important to you.

On a final note, I also did a little searching for real statistics in Erie PA and the average person can expect to spend at least $2,000 for wedding videography. With Wedding Videography being the most realistic way to preserve your memories, don’t you want to know you can trust your professional to capture every moment using experience and high quality equipment?

Wedding Videography

Are You Ready to Book Your Wedding Videographer?

Now that you know a little more about what a Wedding Videographer does, how much they cost and why they charge what they do, are you ready to reserve your date? We’d love to talk with you about how our video team will work alongside you to create a Wedding Highlight Film that perfectly expresses who you are as a couple. We want to tell your love story to share with friends, family, and maybe someday your own children! Please reach out and set up a time to talk to us about how we can help you Create & Capture YOUR Unique Wedding Experience! We have wedding videography options to fit almost every budget!

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