Average Cost of Weddings

Congratulations on your engagement! After you say “YES,” now what? Where do you start? Should I get my dress? Find decor? Or book my venue? You might ask your self how much does a wedding cost? If you’re like me, you might be starting to stress a little. Grab a glass of wine. Go ahead; I’ll wait!

Now that we are a little less stressed (thank you wine); let’s start with where you should focus your time and effort, to make your wedding planning less stressful and more fun while saving a little money for what matters!

Average Wedding Costs in Erie, PA

How Much Do Weddings Cost in Erie, PA

Most brides first thought is of their wedding theme and their dress. However, there are THREE parts of creating your dream wedding you should begin with before you choose your wedding dress and colors. These are your: Wedding Venue/Caterer, Wedding Photographer, and Wedding Disc Jockey. These three, more than anything else, will guarantee the success or failure of your wedding day. And because the cost of a Wedding In Erie, PA can be between $8,000-$40,000 it’s important to know where you should spend the bulk of your budget to make your wedding day a roaring success!

These three elements of your wedding (Venue/Catering, Photographer, and Disc Jockey) should be the most expensive and here’s why:
Wedding professionals have many years of experience and training, and the proper licenses and insurance coverage. They’ve also invested in the best equipment and tools to make your wedding a success. A professional Wedding Photographer, Caterer, Venue or Wedding Disc Jockey is also going to have backup plans that protect your event, you and your guest if something went wrong! All of these reasons add up to a higher price tag than an amateur or beginner. So, if you find a price more than reasonable, question it. The expert’s estimates are based on the value and quality of their service to you!

Average Cost of a Wedding Venue in Erie, PA

What is the Average cost of a WeddingWhat is the Average cost of a Wedding
The price for your Wedding Venue will more than likely take up the bulk of your wedding budget, depending on if catering is included or not. There are several things to consider when selecting which type of venue you want and which additional expenses you’ll have for each wedding venue.

Many Erie, PA Wedding Reception Halls are free if owned by a catering company. You’ll be paying just the price of the catering itself. These wedding reception locations in Erie, Pa venues typically include your tables, chairs, and basic linens. The average cost of catering for a wedding venue like this is going to be about $30 a plate per guest, not including a bar cost. Your wedding cost will largely be determined by how many guests you decide to invite. These wedding venues are a good option because they supply most of your catering and decor needs.

Some wedding banquet halls in Erie do not have catering available. You’ll be paying to rent the venue only. The average cost to rent these types of places is around $1,000. They usually have tables and chairs available to you, but your catering company will have to supply linens. Off-Site Wedding Catering, which is where the caterer comes to you, averages around $20 a plate per person. Again, your wedding guest count will change your overall fee for this part of your wedding.

Finally, many couples opt to host their wedding at a private residence or an inexpensive park or outdoor area. There are additional costs to consider these choices too. You’ll need to rent tents, tables, chairs, and possibly portable restroom facilities and heating and cooling elements to keep you and your guests comfortable. All of these additional items can add up to be thousands of dollars. In these cases, it’s best to hire a Professional Wedding Coordinator who regularly plans weddings and can help you decide what you need to create your dream wedding reception. They’ll also be able to suggest the best rental places to meet your needs.

Average Cost Of a Wedding Photographer in Erie, PA

Professional Wedding Photographers combine years of experience and the best in photography equipment to provide you the highest quality service possible. The average wedding photographer spends about 12 hours with you on your Wedding Day and days afterward sifting through thousands of images captured to select only the perfect shots and edit those for your unique wedding album. They’ll often bring an assistant or second shooter with them to make sure they don’t miss a single moment of your day.

Your Wedding Photographer is a vital element in the overall success of your entire wedding experience. They work closely with your DJ and Venue Manager to capture every moment, so you have treasured memories to look back on.

Because of the cost of professional equipment and the hours they spend focused on your day, the average Wedding Photographer in Erie is around $2,000. Each wedding photographer will offer you option unique to their service. You can find out more about our Professional Wedding Photography team here: Wedding Photography

Average Cost of a Wedding DJ in Erie, PA

Professional Wedding Disc Jockeys do far more than just playing a few of your favorite songs. They are the cog that your entire wedding reception spins around. They are responsible for controlling the flow of your evening, communicating throughout the night with you, your family, bridal party, and other wedding professionals to keep your wedding on track, for emceeing your announcements and for keeping you and your guests entertained with just the right music to make everyone happy. Wedding DJ’s invest countless hours before your wedding day was going over your information, checking and testing their equipment and preparing to perform at your event. A typical 5-hour wedding reception is a 10 hour day (or longer) for your DJ. The average cost of a Professional Wedding DJ in Erie, Pa is around $1,500 and will vary depending on what services you want such as Up Lighting, Monogram Lighting, a customized Photo Booth rental, Dancing on the Clouds or specialty lighting shows.

You can learn a little more about what questions to ask a DJ before hiring here: Questions To Ask A DJ

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The three major Wedding Vendors that can make or break your wedding plans are;

  1. Your Reception Hall and/or Caterer
  2. Your Photographer
  3. Your Disc Jockey and/or Band.

Because each of these Wedding Professionals plays such a pivotal role in the success of your Wedding Celebration, it’s essential to understand their functions and why they cost what they do. We hope this helped you get started on the right track. If you have any questions, please give our In-House Wedding Coordinator a call. She’s more than happy to help you get started on planning your dream wedding.

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