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Uplighting is additional lighting otherwise known as ‘accent lighting’, usually placed strategically around your venue, to bring in more light and ambiance. Renting Uplighting in Erie for your Wedding or Event can completely change the look and feel of your entire celebration. However, it comes in many forms and not all are equal so it’s important to know the difference.

Wired vs Wireless Uplighting

uplighitng in Erie

Wired uplighting is just what it sounds like. These lights require an electric outlet and a cord to operate. Most venues offer this type of uplighting. These accent lights are typically programmable with about 6-12 different colored options, which really limits your color options. Wired Uplights also limits the design flexibility because the lights must remain near the power outlet. The other obvious downfall is the cords. They are unattractive and a safety hazard for anyone walking around your event. Another caution with venue operated ‘uplighting’ is that many sites describe a regular wall sconce light as uplighting. Nothing could be further from the truth. A wall sconce contains a regular watt light bulb or colored light bulb. This is nothing more than what you do at home for holiday decorating. If your venue is offering you uplighting, it’s essential to ask what they mean by it clearly.

Meanwhile, Wireless Uplighting provides versatility and flexibility beyond your imagination! The wireless accent lighting that our company uses comes pre-programmed with more than 60 unique color shades. It even includes UV lighting for Glow Party Events!! Another fantastic feature of our wireless uplighting is that it comes with a color wheel app control. Your DJ can remotely control the exact shade and color of your lighting by merely moving his finger over the color wheel. This feature allows us to more perfectly color match your decor. The obvious benefit of wireless uplighting is the flexibility of lighting design. Wireless uplighting can be positioned in almost any area and is never a tripping hazard for your guests. The lights contain a lithium battery with a 12-hour lifespan, ensuring that the brilliant lighting lasts throughout the celebration.

Incandescent vs LED Uplighting

Uplighitng in Erie

It’s essential to understand the difference between incandescent light bulbs and LEDs as well when shopping for Wedding Uplighting. The first uplighting used was par-cans. Par-cans are wired lighting fixtures that contain a white incandescent bulb.  A thin sheet of cellophane is placed over the light bulb to change the color of the par-can. Also, the bulbs burn hot, making them a danger to anyone who may bump into the fixture, making them a safety risk. Another downfall of the par-can was the need to be plugged in close to an outlet or an extension cord. These lights were a double risk with being a burning and tripping hazard. No one wants to run the risk of a friend or family member being injured by the decor at their event.

LED lighting is the way of the future. LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. They are low energy lights that don’t get hot to the touch, which reduces the risk of accidental injury. LED lights are also far more brilliant than a regular incandescent bulb. Our state-of-the-art Wireless LED lights can wash a 3 story barn ceiling in gorgeous color. I know, we’ve seen it at several popular venues we’ve served at. LED uplights to last much longer than other bulbs, making them ideal for multiple uses over the years. If your DJ is offering you uplighting with LED, you can be assured the lighting will work well for your event. There are no unpleasant surprises with burned out bulbs.

Erie Wedding & Event Services understands how important high-quality service is to you. That’s why we proudly offer Wireless, LED Uplighting Rentals for your special occasions.

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